domenica 8 giugno 2014

Some 2.5 tons of pharmaceuticals dumped in River Po annually

Study says no imminent danger to drinking water supplies

(ANSA) - Milan, June 6 - As many as 2.5 tonnes of pharmaceutical drugs are dumped in the River Po each year, raising the prospect of a potential threat to drinking water supplies in northern Italy, according to the results of a study unveiled Friday. Authorities "must not lower their guard" against the potential impact of the drug dumping since there are no rules or norms preventing the practise, said the experts of the Mario Negri Institute who carried out the study for a project co-financed by the Cariplo Foundation in collaboration with the Milanese Metropolitan company, which is responsible for water services in the northern city.

Among rivers feeding the Po the polluted river Lambro is particularly full of pharmaceutical drugs as well as disinfectants, cosmetics, caffeine and nicotine, the study found. "Our results exclude any risk for the quality and security of the drinking water according to the parameters fixed by law," said Ettore Zuccato, head of the Nutrition Toxicology Laboratory at the Mario Negri Institute.

"One begins however to see links, probably due to man's different interventions in the subsoil, that favour the passage of emerging contaminants, which are increasing significantly. "Putting together protection strategies now would prevent the problems in advance rather than having to face up later to eventual widespread contamination". 

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