lunedì 2 giugno 2014

'Long live Italy', Napolitano says on Republic Day

Renzi high-fives with child en route to celebrations

(ANSA) - Rome, June 2 - President Giorgio Napolitano thanked Italy's Armed Forces Monday and Premier Matteo Renzi shared a high-five salute with a child while greeting well-wishers as he walked through Rome's streets towards celebrations marking Republic Day. Renzi shook hands and called greetings as he walked along Via del Corso towards his first such festival as premier. Renzi has been pushing for deep economic and structural reforms as Italy struggles to recover from its worst recession since the Second World War.

Values and traditions in the military was the theme of the event that included speeches and parades as well as a fly-over by military aircraft emitting displays of the three colours of the Italian flag: green, red, and white. "The Armed Forces deserve the deep appreciation of the country for the professionalism, dedication to service and the value shown in all theaters of operation, even in the most difficult situations," Napolitiano said in his message to the Armed Forces. "Long live the Armed Forces, long live the Republic, long live Italy," said Napolitano. 

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