lunedì 2 giugno 2014

Renzi moves to 'unblock' frozen initiatives

'Construction sites, building projects held up by bureaucracy'

(ANSA) - Rome, June 2 - Premier Matteo Renzi called on mayors throughout Italy on Monday to help him "unblock" projects and initiatives that have been held up by bureaucracy. "Dear mayor, Italy is relaunching," said Renzi in a letter sent out to mayors. "Signs of confidence are shown by the determination of the citizens, by various sectors of the economy and by international markets. Nevertheless, it's not enough. We can and we must do more," said Renzi. Speaking at a economics fair in Trento on Sunday, Renzi announced his government's "Unblock Italy" initiative meant to relaunch "projects that have been stalled for 40 years". The plan is to be officially rolled on by the end of June. Renzi, who has been pushing for deep economic and institutional reforms since the start of his premiership in February, was emboldened last week by his party's resounding victory at European elections. In his letter to Italian mayors, Renzi insisted that "no reform will be credible without us first sending a signal that the music has truly changed. That's why I find it a priority that the government adopts all measures necessary to unblock all the initiatives and the construction sites that have been shut frozen for years, due to delays and inconclusive responses from various departments of the civil sector".

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