mercoledì 18 giugno 2014

Quasimodo, Renzo Piano, 1914-2014 asked of 'bac' candidates

Hermetic poet, Pritzker Prize winner in school-leaving exam

(ANSA) - Rome, June 18 - Hermetic Nobel Prize-winning poet Salvatore Quasimodo and Pritzker Prize-winning architect Renzo Piano were among the options that emerged for those sitting the maturita' school-leaving certificate or baccalaureate Wednesday. Quasimodo, who comes at the end of the syllabus and is seen as a hard option, had not come out for 12 years.

The question on Piano asked about his and others' efforts to revamp urban peripheries. Other options included a comparison between 1914 and 2014, focusing on the ills and violence of the 20th century. 

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