domenica 14 settembre 2014

DNA evidence in Chiara Poggi case 'inconclusive' says lawyer

Alberto Stasi accused of murdering Poggi in 2007

(ANSA) - Genoa, September 11 - A defense attorney for accused killer Alberto Stasi said Thursday that DNA evidence found under victim Chiara Poggi's fingernails is inconclusive. Stasi is charged with murdering 26-year-old fiancee Poggi in the northern town of Garlasco in 2007. Prosecutors believe new technology that was not available at the time will be more likely to produce a full DNA profile that could point to her killer. "Five DNA markers were tested out of 17 found," said lawyer Fabio Giarda. "They are compatible with my client but could equally well be compatible with any number of other people". A match of 50% plus one marker is needed to constitute valid evidence, the criminal defense lawyer explained.

He went on to deny press reports that Stasi refused to provide a DNA sample to investigators. Stasi claimed he found Poggi's lifeless body at her family home on August 13, 2007, the day after the couple had had dinner there together. Stasi claimed that after dinner, he left his fiancee at her parents' home and went to sleep at his own house. He returned the next day because Poggi wasn't answering her phone, only to find the front door open and the lifeless body of his intended lying in a pool of blood. 

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