martedì 2 settembre 2014

Ghanaian boy soccer ace fights for life after train accident

Locomotive hit AC Milan juniors' striker while cycling

(ANSA) Milan, Sept. 1 - A 15-year-old Ghanaian soccer hopeful from AC Milan's junior team, Isaac Akuetteh, was fighting for his life Monday after being hit by a train while riding a bicycle.

Doctors at the Sant'Anna Hospital in San Fermo della Battaglia said Akuetteh was in a pharmalogically-induced coma but his condition was improving after undergoing two operations to reduce brain haemorrhaging. There was cautious optimism and probably on Wednesday doctors will start procedures to waken the teenage striker from the coma, hospital sources said.

Akuetteh was listening to music on headphones while riding along a road next to the railway at Cadorago in the province of Como. Although he has grown up as a prodigy for Milan, the Ghanaian forward was on loan to the Varese club when the accident happened.

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