martedì 2 settembre 2014

Russia, Iraq on agenda as Mogherini moves into EU work

US President Obama, Merkel congratulate Italian minister on post

(ANSA) - Rome, September 2 - Work on identifying new sanctions against Russia over the crisis in Ukraine has begun, Italian Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini said Tuesday in some of her first comments as she prepares for her new role as the European Union's high representative for foreign affairs.

Mogherini was speaking in Brussels to the foreign affairs committee of the European Parliament where she talked about possible sanctions in the financial sector, weapons and technology. She also spoke of priorities in dealing with the crisis in Iraq created by the powerful Islamic militant group ISIS, as part of several meetings planned this week on European issues for Mogherini. Following her appointment last Saturday, she is expected to officially take on the new role on November 1 but is already beginning to move into the position.

United States President Barack Obama congratulated both Mogherini on her appointment as well as Donald Tusk, who takes over as president of the European Council. Her appointment has been greeted warmly by European leaders including German Chancellor Merkel, who "was glad" to see Mogherini in the top foreign affairs post, said spokesman Steffen Seibert.

Premier Matteo Renzi noted that her work will be important as Italy continues in the rotating presidency of the EU until the end of this year. Meanwhile Italian president Giorgio Napolitano said that "Italy has gained significant recognition and, in particular, has made a positive contribution," to the EU through Mogherini and through the country's work in the rotating presidency.

Mogherini pledged to work hard for the EU as a whole and dismissed critics who have said she is too young and inexperienced for the post. "All my work, my energy and my devotion will be dedicated to serve the interest of all member States and all European citizens," she said. "I am 41 years old, not young," added Mogherini. "What gives me comfort is that the Premier Renzi is younger than me (at 39), other European ministers are (younger) as well, there is a new generation of European leaders and this is very positive". 

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