martedì 9 settembre 2014

Unique albino Italian Trotter foal named Milky Way

Born in April at foot of Assisi's St Francis Basilica

(ANSA) - Assisi, September 8 - Europe's sole albino Italian Trotter foal, who was born in a stud farm at the foot of the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, will be called Via Lattea (Milky Way), breeders announced Monday. The foal, who was born April 4, is unique in Europe, experts said.

Her color came as a total surprise to the vet and his helpers as she emerged, since her dam Melodias and sire Gruccione Jet are both reportedly "pitch-dark". Her name was chosen by Danilo Reverberi, a Franciscan friar and friend of owner Sergio Carfagna. "I named her after the constellation, because its stars are as white and shining as her coat," said Reverberi, who is in charge of naming all newcomers to Carfagna's farm. "Also it starts with a V, as per regulations for all racehorses born in 2014".

The Italian Trotter is a harness racing horse developed over the last century by crossing European trotters with American Standarbreds. Via Lattea is the only known white specimen of this breed in Europe, experts said. Her name was announced at the launch of a book titled La Scuderia dei Miracoli (The Miracle Stable), the proceeds of which will go to protect horses destined to be slaughtered. 

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