venerdì 18 aprile 2014

Britain's Economist warns Renzi of fight ahead

London-based newspaper calls premier's plans 'courageous'

(ANSA) - London, April 18 - Italian Premier Matteo Renzi is in for a fight from various parts of Italian society as he tries to push through dramatic changes outlined in his "courageous" political program, a leading British business newspaper said Friday. The weekly Economist warned that Renzi will meet resistance from an "arrogant" political class, public administration, unions, parts of the business and finance community all of which are resistant to change.

That could make it difficult for the premier, the youngest in Italian history, to borrow enough to push through his policies and may ultimately run up a budget deficit beyond this year's target of 2.6% deficit to gross domestic product (GDP), said the newspaper. But Renzi has a powerful tool he can still use - public relations, it added. "He has convinced many Italians, like the many people who hail him from Brussels to Berlin, that he represents the last chance for Italy to exit from its inexorable decline".

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