mercoledì 16 aprile 2014

Money seized in alleged scam of actor Alberto Sordi's sister

About 40,000 euros taken from driver after financial review

(ANSA) - Rome, April 16 - Authorities reviewing the financial affairs of the elderly sister of the late actor Alberto Sordi seized 400,000 euros Wednesday from a driver suspected of fleecing the 95-year-old woman. It is alleged that driver Arturo Artadi took advantage of Aurelia Sordi's mental deterioration to convince her to give him 400,000 euros in 2003.

Last month, prosecutors put Artadi and two other suspects under investigation for allegedly attempting to defraud Aurelia Sordi. An investigation is continuing into notary Gabriele Sciumbadi and lawyer Francesca Piccolella. The nature of the matter remains private, but Sordi is believed to have been the victim of exploitation and she has already been questioned.

Alberto Sordi, an icon of Italian cinema, was famous for comedy and light drama. He first made his name dubbing the voice of Oliver Hardy in Laurel and Hardy shorts. His name appeared on more than 150 titles over a career that lasted six decades. The Roman actor died shortly before his 83rd birthday in 2003. His funeral was attended by a crowd of more than a million people. 

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