lunedì 7 aprile 2014

Hit-and-run drivers caused 650 deaths in six years

Over one-quarter of bad drivers were drunk or drugged, report

ANSA) - Forli, April 7 - There have been 4,168 serious hit-and-run accidents caused by dangerous drivers over the last six years, leaving 653 people dead and almost 5,000 injured, according to a study released Monday.

In 26.4% of the cases, the dangerous driver was drunk or abusing drugs, found the study by Centauro-Asaps Observatory. Altered mental states were a factor in a total of 716 cases and 172 deaths, the study said. Foreigners made up just 25.1% of the total, or 682 casualties - a figure that has remained constant over time. Identities were recovered in 65% of the cases, but 2,233 remain unsolved, according to the Association of Polstrada Supporters, a group of traffic police supporters. 

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