domenica 10 agosto 2014

Sicily's Stromboli erupts as tourists watch from boats

Volcano under 24-hour watch, activity there suspended

(ANSA) - Palermo, August 8 - Sicily's famous Stromboli volcano was on a 24-hour watch Friday after an eruption caused a major lava flow that suspended all hiking activity on its slopes. Thousands of tourists watched from boats as the volcano erupted on Thursday, releasing an abundant lava flow that covered an area of 600 meters. A new crater opened in the Sciara del Fuoco region, on the northeastern side of the volcano at approximately 650 meters, official said.

The Volcano Risk Center of the Department of Protection called the eruption an "elevated critical situation" and asked the National Geophysical and Volcano Institute and the University of Florence to increase supervision and on-site personnel. Stromboli mayor Marco Giorganni suspended all hiking activity on the volcano. 

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