venerdì 15 agosto 2014

'We support Ukraine integrity' Renzi to Poroshenko

'Full, unconditional support of Ukraine territorial integrity'

(ANSA) - Rome, August 12 - Italy supports Ukraine's "territorial integrity", Premier Matteo Renzi told Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in a phone call Tuesday. Italy extends Ukraine its "full and unconditional support" and "renews its call for an immediate cease-fire", Renzi said.

The two leaders also discussed the humanitarian situation in the eastern part of the country, where the central government is battling pro-Russia separatists. Russia on Monday offered to send humanitarian aid to the war-torn sector, but NATO said Tuesday that any such intervention "without Ukraine's express consent and authorization would be illegal and unacceptable".

Kiev later said it will not authorize a Russian aid convoy to enter its territory. Renzi made the call ahead of a domestic tour on Wednesday, when he plans to visit the Expo world's fair in Milan, Naples, Reggio Calabria, and Sicily. 

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