martedì 27 maggio 2014

2.5 million bees seized near Taranto

Infected with 'American Foulbrood' bacteria

(ANSA) - Castellaneta, May 27 - Two and a half million bees in Castellaneta near Taranto were seized by Italy's State Forestry Corps on Monday after they discovered that they were infected with American Foulbrood, a highly contagious bacterial disease. The bees, which were to be exported to Finland in 181 specially made wooden containers, were confiscated during a Forestry Corps inspection following a health authority complaint about the presence of American Foulbrood. The extremely resistant bacterial disease has the potency to spread throughout an entire bee colony, ruining communities. Proper incineration is the only solution.

American Foulbrood can continue to germinate for decades in honey and beekeeping equipment if not properly destroyed. Charges were made against the beekeeper for "dissemination of plant or animal disease" and "non-compliance with authority regulations". The disease is not dangerous to humans. 

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