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Food exports can be worth 70 bn euros, Cibus says

Italian food products presented at international trade fair

(ANSA) - Parma, May 23 - Increasing demand abroad for Italian food products could drive exports to reach 70 billion euros in 10 years from the 26 billion totalled in 2013, according to a study presented earlier this month at Italy's leading international food trade fair Cibus. The 17th edition of Cibus, held in the northern city of Parma on May 5-8 and organized by Fiere di Parma, saw 67,000 commercial operators, including a reported 10,000 foreign buyers from 115 countries, attend the event to test hundreds of new products presented by 2,700 Italian food companies.

Many new products which debuted at the fair were aimed at the rising number of health-conscious consumers and included organic, gluten-free products and foods low in fat and sodium, Cibus organizers said. Italy is a world leader in the fast-growing organic-food market as well as in gluten-free products for those diagnosed with celiac disease. Also a hit were foods tailored for home cooking.

The fair devoted to sector professionals showcases offerings from all parts of the food chain, from wholesalers to grocers, from restaurants to catering businesses. It also debuts products for niche markets, like Kosher and Halal foods for Jewish and Muslim consumers at home and abroad, as Italy's food producers are not only embracing deep-rooted culinary traditions but are also adapting local cuisine to the demands of a multicultural global society . Indeed in the first 11 months of last year, food exports to Algeria grew as much as 67% while exports to Libya registered a 42.6% increase.

Food exports to the United Arab Emirates also rose 27.7%, followed by Turkey at 20.7% and Saudi Arabia at 16.9%. Overall, while internal demand shrank 4% in 2013, Italian food exports grew a record 5.8% on 2012 to reach 26.2 billion euros out of a total turnover of 132 billion euros of the Italian food industry. taly's top foreign markets are in the EU, up 5% year-on-year, and estimated to be worth 22.5 billion euros, according to data from national statistics agency Istat, elaborated by the Coldiretti farmers' association.

Exports to the United States also went up 6% and were worth 2.9 billion while those to Asian markets rose 8% to 2.8 billion and exports to African markets registered a 12% increase to 1.1 billion. record 2,700 exhibitors signed up for this year's edition of Cibus, with 400 more firms participating from last year, after the event underwent significant revamping also in view of Expo 2015, the World's Fair to be held May 1-October 31 in Milan next year.

The Expo's theme, Feeding the Planet: Energy for Life, centres on fighting famine and malnutrition worldwide through sustainable and healthy development, global cooperation and new technology. talian businesses are pinning their hopes on spin-off economic benefits from Expo. he Fiere di Parma pavilion at the World's Fair will host a reported 500 firms and 200 events. 

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