venerdì 30 maggio 2014

Rome shooting to become capital of street art

Eternal City to be like 'Berlin, Miami, NYC' says councillor

(ANSA) - Rome, May 30 - The facades of four buildings in the San Basilio neighborhood in northeast Rome are part of a massive project to redecorate neighborhoods on the outskirts with street art, a city official said Friday. "Rome (will be) like Berlin, Miami or New York," said Roman Periphery Councillor Paolo Masini. "Its peripheries are like a great blank canvas," Masini added. The Spanish street muralist Liqen and Italian street muralist Agostino Iacurci took part in the 'SanBa' project in San Basilio.

Masini said the initiative has taken root and expanded to a number of other neighborhoods with the participation of artists, associations and companies. "In a few months, the citizens of Rome have seen our neighborhoods become colourful, from Tor Marancia to Testaccio, from Roma 70 to Ostiense," said Masini, mentioning some Roman neighborhoods better known for blight than urban beauty. 

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