martedì 27 maggio 2014

Italian Cup soccer hooligan linked to Camorra mafia bust

'Genny the Scumbag sold us our drugs' says suspect

(see previous) (ANSA) - Naples, May 27 - The 12 people arrested Tuesday by anti-mafia police in Naples for alleged drug trafficking bought their drugs from a soccer hooligan responsible for holding up the Italian Cup Final in Rome amid violence outside the stadium earlier this month, a suspect in the case said. "We bought drugs from Genny a' carogna (Genny the Scumbag)," said suspect-turned-informant Domenico Esposito, referring to Gennaro Di Tommaso by his moniker as a leader of the Napoli ultra hardcore fans. On May 3, Napoli hooligans inside Rome's Stadio Olimpico delayed the match against Fiorentina by nearly an hour in mayhem sparked by Roma ultras who ambushed a busload of Napoli fans, several of whom were shot. The chaos subsided only after Di Tommaso raised his arms to calm the crowd once he was assured by officials that no one was killed. On Tuesday the informant said Di Tommaso left the drugs inside "a modified Renault Scenic with the keys inside, parked inside the Ponticelli cemetery. We'd pick up the car then send it back". The suspects, who are said to belong to the De Micco clan of the Naples-based Camorra mafia, were arrested on charges of mafia association for drug trafficking, attempted murder and illegal possession of firearms. In total, 14 people have been placed under investigation in connection with the probe. Two suspects are currently on the run.

Di Tommaso was not listed as a suspect. Investigations showed how some alleged De Micco clan members wore a tattoo reading 'Bodo' - the clan's nickname - followed by the words "respect, fidelity and honour".

Police also uncovered an accounts book recording profits from criminal activities and monthly payments to be made to affiliates, as well as legal and weapons expenses. The investigation also shed light on the ongoing turf war between the De Micco clan and the rival D'Amico group, which led to the murders of respective clan members in January and March 2013. The Calabrian 'Ndrangheta and the Neapolitan Camorra have posed the most powerful threats to the legal economy in recent years, outstripping Sicily's Cosa Nosta. 

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