lunedì 12 maggio 2014

'Crucifixion killer' to remain jailed

Judge rules plumber lucid and flight risk

(ANSA) - Florence, May 12 - A Florence judge on Monday denied release from prison for Riccardo Viti, the plumber accused of "crucifying" and murdering a Romanian prostitute. Judge Anna Donatella Liguori wrote in her motivations for Viti's continued incarceration that since Viti had shown remorse, he was lucid, and thus capable of understanding, wanting and being aware of what he was doing.

She also wrote he was at risk of fleeing if released. Viti admitted to killing the woman between May 4-5 under interrogation, his defense attorney Alessandro Benelli told the Tuscan broadcaster TGR RAI. The suspect said "he would give his life to be able to restore the life of the girl", said Benelli, who is seeking house arrest for his client. Viti, who is charged with murder, sexual assault and kidnapping, is suspected of carrying out as many as nine other rapes of sex workers, police say.

One prostitute said she would have been killed by Viti during a sexual assault last March if he hadn't been interrupted by a barking dog and footsteps, said the woman's lawyer, Nicodemo Gentile, who is representing her as a victim in the case. One woman testified that she, too, would have been killed by Viti in March if a dog had not barked and people Viti's DNA was found on three other raped prostitutes in addition to the Romanian who died from his assault near Florence, the sources said. 

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