mercoledì 14 maggio 2014

Italy unveils permanent Milan Expo pavilion that will "purify the atmosphere from smog"

Italy has become the latest nation to unveil proposals for the Milan Expo 2015, which include a pavilion with an air-cleaning facade designed by Roma studio Nemesi & Partners to resemble tree branches 

As one of the few expo structures that will remain on the site after the fair is over, the Palazzo Italia will comprise a six-storey building with an intricate lattice skin conceived in "the image of a petrified forest", according to Nemesi & Partners

The architects plan to create the facade using a bespoke air-cleaning cement patented by material manufacturer Italcementi. "In direct sunlight, the active principle contained in the material 'captures' certain pollutants present in the air and converts them into inert salts, helping to purify the atmosphere from smog," said the studio in a statement.

The pavilion's interior will centre around an open square, which will form the start of the exhibition. It will be surrounded by four blocks, creating exhibition and events spaces to the west and south, and offices and meeting rooms to the north and east.

The building will also feature a vaulted roof built from steel beams and photovoltaic glass panels. Nemesi & Partners will collaborate with engineering firms Proger and BMS Projects and sustainability consultant Livio De Santoli to deliver the building in time for the expo, which takes place between May and October 2015.

The team will also create a series of temporary structures known as the Cardo buildings to accommodate additional exhibitions, restaurants and events. Based on "the Italian village", these will include small squares, terraces and porticoes.

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