martedì 13 maggio 2014

Rome museums, but not Colosseum, open late Saturday night

Mayor hopes staff will decide to include famous monument

(ANSA) - Rome, May 13 - Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino said Tuesday that he hopes that, despite a staff shortage, the Colosseum could be included in special night openings of museums and monuments Saturday. The nocturnal opening, including a programme of exhibits, theatre shows and readings for a one-euro entry fee, is part of a special international event involving more than 3,000 museums in 40 countries.

This year will mark the sixth time the event has been held in Rome. lavia Barca, city councillor for culture, said that many embassies, foreign academies and cultural institutes in Rome also will throw open their doors on Saturday night. City museums will be open till 2 a.m. local time on Sunday while national museums will be open till midnight.

Meanwhile, the mayor held talks with Culture Minister Dario Franceschini to try to persuade him to find a solution to allow the Colosseum also to stay open despite a staff shortage. "I spoke to Franceschi about the Night of Museums and about the news that one of the greatest attractions of our country, the Colosseum, would be closed," Marino said. "The question is very clear...the minister can only open it if among all the staff there are at least five people willing to work, obviously in return for payment for their work," added Marino. "As a Roman and as mayor, I am certain that there will be five people willing to sacrifice a few hours of their time to allow the opening of the Colosseum...I really hope that there will be a sense of generosity and responsibility so that the Colosseum can stay open". 

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