lunedì 12 maggio 2014

Parmigianino's 'Turkish Slave' on display in New York

First transatlantic appearance for Renaissance painting

(ANSA) - New York, May 12 - Italian Renaissance master Parmigianino's Schiava Turca (Turkish Slave) will be showcased in its first-ever transatlantic appearance at New York's Frick Collection starting Tuesday. The painting will be at the centre of the exhibition entitled The Poetry of Parmigianino's Schiava Turca. Turkish Slave is a superb example of the work of Francis Mazzola, known as Parmigianino, who was a contemporary of master painter Raphael Sanzio. In fact, his similar style led to the moniker "Raphael Reborn".

The painting is on loan from Parma's National Gallery and is part of an ongoing collaboration between the Foundation for Italian Art and Culture (FIAC), helmed by Alain Elkann and Daniele Bodini, and the Frick. Previous collaborations between the FIAC and Frick Collections include Raphael's Fornarina (Baker's Daughter)in 2004 and Parmigianino's Antea (Portrait of A Young Woman)in 2008. The show runs through July 20.

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