martedì 13 maggio 2014

Gucci 'black widow' poised for community service

Reggiani may serve last 3 years of murder term in charity work

(ANSA) Milan, May 13 - A prosecutor said Tuesday that he was in favour of Gucci fashion empire heir Patrizia "black widow" Reggiani serving the last three years of her 26-year prison term handed down for ordering the murder by a hitman of her husband Maurizio Gucci by doing community service.

Reggiani may work for three years working in a gift shop and with the Caritas Catholic charity organisation having spent 16 years in prison and receiving a reduction for good behaviour in the amount of her sentence she has to spend behind bars. The recommendation now has to be confirmed by a panel of judges.

Reggiani's lawyer told the prosecutor that she considers herself "not guilty" of ordering her husband's March 27, 1995, murder by a professional hitman who testified she paid him to carry out the slaying. eggiani is "not guilty because she became guilty for certain friendships that ruined her life and that of her daughters and family, but she is totally extraneous to what happened", her lawyer claimed. 

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