mercoledì 14 maggio 2014

'Italy's great beauty also a development tool' says Renzi

Premier comments on Riace Bronzes during museum visit

(ANSA) - Reggio Calabria, May 14 - Italy must look upon its artistic and archeological heritage as a gateway to development as well as a vehicle of beauty, Premier Matteo Renzi said Wednesday.

"Italy must use masterpieces such as the Riace Bronzes, not only for spiritual enrichment but also as a development factor", the premier said during a visit to Reggio Calabria's archaeological museum. The world-famous statues, a supreme achievement of the pre-Roman southern Italian civilisation known as Magna Graecia, recently returned to the museum after a two-year restoration. "The Bronzes also hold another kind of beauty, which is their anti-seismic pedestals designed by (national technology, energy and environment agency) ENEA. We hold the patent, and the Japanese are interested", Renzi explained. The full-size bronzes of naked bearded warriors, cast about 460-420 BC, were found in the sea near the coastal Calabrian town of Riace in 1972.

They emerged from conservation in 1981, when their public display in Florence and Rome was the cultural event of that year in Italy. Now considered one of the symbols of Calabria, the bronzes were commemorated by a pair of Italian postage stamps and have also been widely reproduced. 

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